Mike Greer Homes has built trusted relationships with key lenders and financial planners who, like us, can provide real solutions to make your dream home happen. Our sales team will put you in touch with the best finance fit for your needs. 


When deciding on finance packages with Mike Greer Homes, you decide the terms! With all the facts and figures at your fingertips, you can make an informed choice on what will suit you best, perhaps staged payments or balance on completion? Our fixed price contracts are industry-leading and we aim to offer contracts to our customers that have no surprises and no hidden costs.

Fixed Price Contracts

We’ve tipped the industry norm upside down! Because Mike Greer Homes are builders of great relationships as well as fantastic homes, we believe in being up front about what each building project actually costs. We build hundreds of homes a year, so we want to make you aware that all aspects of building your home are detailed and fixed.

Regardless of how big or small the project will be, we include all expected costs so that you won’t find yourself with a budget blowout on something that wasn’t covered from the get-go. Things like building consent, drainage and services are not variable costings in a Mike Greer contract, we lock these prices down so that you can have complete confidence in your budget.

Fixed price doesn’t mean inflexible either. The team at Mike Greer Homes can help you decide which fittings or design features can be altered to reduce costs without compromising the style and integrity of your completed home.

We make sure you have all the facts to hand so there are no unnecessary hidden costs of construction. Regardless of how big or small, we include all expected costs and then tell you how much it will be. 

Payment Terms  

There are two key ways to fund your build:

Progress Payments: this is the payment process utilised when we are building on land you own. Mike Greer Homes follows the Registered Masterbuild staged payment schedule to ensure that your payments are never in advance of your build.  To minimize any further risk, we only take a $5000.00 deposit upon signing the build contract and then nothing more until we are on site and underway with your build.

10% Deposit with Balance on Completion: this is where we have crafted a house and land package for you on land that we either own or have secured on your behalf. This allows you to manage your money while we are building your home and the balance is required only at the end of the project. So now there’s no need to juggle ongoing payments while concurrently paying rent or existing debts.